Jefo Equi-Calorie - Cool Horse Energy Supplement Prill

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Ask Your Nutritionist About Equi-Calorie 100™!

100% Vegetal Fat

Equi-Calorie is the only protected fat product on the market.

Fat contains 2.25 x more energy/calories than carbohydrates and proteins. As it does not contain any starch, fat does not affect the horse behavior (excitability).

It's a great way to supplement extra energy to a horse in training or for a thin horse that already receives an important quantity of feed. Some complete feeds contain fat, but rarely more than 12%. The solution is to add some fat to the daily ration.

Vegetal oil can be added, but also leads to regular cleaning of feed buckets and mangers...

EQUI-CALORIE 100™ is the solution. This prilled vegetable fat mixes into the feed with no mess. It's easy to use and palatable for horses. Results can be seen after only 21 days! See the results! 


Fat deposition starts at the neck, ends at the tail.

Sub-cutaneous fat deposition:

  • A: Neckline
  • B: Withers
  • C: Behind the shoulders
  • D: Ribs
  • E: Base of tail


Light training horse 40 - 80 g/day
Medium training horse 80 - 120 g/day
Heavy training horse 120 - 200 g/day
Thin horse 160 - 200 g/day
Horses needing better body condition 120 g/day
Lactating mares 120 g/day

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