Equi-Calorie: Shannon M.

Elkhorn, Wisconsin

Keep in mind this rescue yearling came to us very underweight. We started JEFO Equi-Calorie 7 weeks ago and it has helped him begin gaining safely while on a strict re-feeding program. Our vet loved that it had no starches or empty calories, and is very gentle on his delicate digestive system. We are worry free at an affordable cost! Love this stuff!

OrthoMax: Lauren T.

Tragic Story with a Happy Ending 
My show gelding sustained a shoulder and tendon injury and it took him out of the show pen. I never thought he would return after a year off. Arthritis had developed and with some grim news from the vet I made the decision to retire him with the thought of just keeping him comfortable. I had him on Acti-flex for a joint supplement, Kahm CBD for inflammation and Equioxx for pain - it helped but it wasn't great. RPN Equine started carrying a new joint product line from Stride, so I thought why not try it. Ortho Max has been the answer for my guy!
I stopped the Acti-Flex and the CBD, leaving him on the Ortho Max and Equioxx and he is almost 100% back to sound!
My best horse of my life is still living the retirement life but with the help of Ortho Max, pain free!
I would highly recommend this product to any horse with joint/arthritis issues.  

Jefo Equi-Soft: Jessica Newlun

New Horse Owner 
I am new to the horse world. We rescued our first horse 6 months ago and it was clear that she hadn't had proper nutrition for a while. We were increasing her activity level and eventually was riding daily. I was told about the Jefo Equi-Soft product from a few different people and boy it has not disappointed. Not only did this product help my mare's performance recovery, but her mood has been amazing. Her angsty-ness has settled and we just see a whole different side of her after we started this product. I am glad to spread the word about this product. It works and I won't be changing anytime soon! 

Equi-Soft: Kristy Ide

Avid Trail Rider 
The Equi-soft works wonders.  All three of my horses stand great for the farrier, no fighting, he is in and out.  Storm she is not as nervous and has more patience, mounting was always an issue she would circle and throw her head, we have her standing next to a mounting block and are able to mount with ease.  
Overall, they have a better demeanor; calm and collected during ground work and with farrier. Demeanor with the farrier is great.  I will continue to purchase just for that.

Kahm: Travis B

Steer Wrestling & Barrel Racer

My Steer Wrestling horse was in her first-year competition after recovering from some injuries as a barrel horse. We started putting her on Kahm Pellets half way through the season as she was having anxiety in the box. After a week of having her being on these pellets she became much calmer and focused as we rode into the box. These pellets allowed us to stay on track and aid us in winning the Missouri Rodeo Association Steer Wrestling Year End Championship.

Equi-Soft: Karla Kegley

Kegley Performance Horses

Another great ride on this lil girl, now if you know me you know I’m not a huge supplement fan. However we also all know Princess just didn’t get her name from her stunning good looks. That attitude sure was pretty too.... I have had her on this product called Equi-Soft by RPN Equine for about a week now and it hasn’t completely fixed that pretty attitude but it sure has dumbed it down a bit!!! Give Jennifer Tuttle a shout and get your pretty mare started on it today, you won’t regret it.