RPN Equine curates high-value, reasonably priced horse health and performance supplements that meet the demands of the animal and exceed the expectations of their owners. 

RPN Equine is the sole domestic retailer for Jefo Equi-Soft and Jefo Equi-Calorie.

Jefo Equi-Soft's proprietary coating allows for better nutrient uptake of the supplement's Vitamin B Complex, Vitamin E, and Magnesium. The vitamin blend keeps the animal calm and focused in high-stress training and performance situations.

Jefo Equi-Calorie has the most efficient transfer of energy to the animal compared to any other weight gain or weight maintenance product on the market. The product is composed of a single ingredient and its neutral scent yields low to no refusals.  

In addition to our flagship products, RPN Equine is a proud partner of Stride Animal Health and Nutrition and Hoof Doctor. 

For wholesale opportunities please contact:  info@rpnutrients.com