OrthoMAX: Tragic story - with a great ending!

My show gelding sustained a shoulder and tendon injury and it took him out of the show pen.  I never thought he would return after a year off.  Arthritis had developed and with some grim news from the vet I made the decision to retired him with the thoughts of just keeping him comfortable.  I had him on Acti-flex for a joint supplement, Kahm CBD for inflammation and Equioxx for pain - it helped but it wasn't great.   
RPN Equine started carrying a new product line from Stride, so I thought why not try the new joint supplement out.  Ortho Max has been the answer for my guy!  I stopped the Acti-Flex and the CBD leaving him on the Ortho Max and Equioxx and he is almost 100% back to sound! 
My best horse of my life is still living the retirement life but with the help of Ortho Max - pain free!  I would highly recommend this product to any horse with joint/arthritis issues.  
Lauren - East Troy, WI